Thursday, August 09, 2007

Use Feng-GUI to see your blog's heatmap

Today i'll share with you guys with my fav web tool. It is :

Feng-GUI - Feng-Shui for your web/blog graphic user interfaces. It will show you the which area in your blog get the most attention from your visitors. The coolest part is that it creates heatmap for your blog/website.

Below are the heatmaps from some of sabahan blogs :

- :

- :

- :

- *mine :

You should use this tool to see the most clicked area on your blog. It can help you to place your adsense.

Link : Feng - GUI.


papajoneh said...

aikkk.. my blog also not spared, eh?

Feng-GUI said...

Thank you jusdy, for sharing Feng-GUI website heatmp, with the rest of the world.

Feng-GUI team.

LAi said...

@papajoneh -

@feng-GUI - No's a very good tool..

swordie said...

your tool is scary man... i see...