Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shima - Kerongsang Biru.mp3

Ya..this entry is for Cindy. She request for this song on 6/6/07. I don't know if she have found this song. But better i just put it here kan. This song is really hard to find on the net. Thanks to Ms Niza who helped me to find this mp3. Thanks niza.

So to Cindy, puas?? I promised kan to you before..hehe.

Here's the song :

From divshare : Shima - Kerongsang Biru.mp3 , From Multiply : Shima - Kerongsang Biru

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cindy said...

Ooooooo terima kasihhhhhh Jusdy!

I haven't found the song anywhere online. That's the song I've been looking for! Thank you! Thank you! :D

LAi said...

o...i'm glad to make u happy..hehe
thank to MsNiza too...thanks niza...

cindy said...

Thanks Jusdy and Niza! You guys are the best! :D Aku sudah download.

Thank you once again! :D

LAi said...

hehe..enjoy ur song...