Saturday, June 13, 2009

What can Ronaldo buy with his total £106m Real Madrid contract?

- A Big Mac for every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom.

- 530 new Ferrari 599 GTBs, like the one he wrote off in a crash earlier this year.

- Himself, with enough change for Carlos Tevez.

- Newcastle United Football Club.

- 588,000 hours in a tanning salon.

- 34,754,098 tubes of Brylcreem wet look hair gel.

- 42,400 ceiling mirrors.

- The most expensive house in Los Angeles, which belongs to TV producer Aaron Spelling, a three-story mansion with 56,500 square feet of space and a 4.6 acre estate.

- 163,077 bottles of Cristal champagne for himself and Paris Hilton at Hollywood nightspot My House.

- 26,500,000 inflatable donkeys.

- 10,610,610 pairs of Cristiano Ronaldo pyjamas.

- 706,666,667 telephone votes for Cristiano Ronaldo as Overseas Sports Personality of 2009.

Ronaldo's possible £556,000-a-week wage in the last year of his contract works out at:

  • £79,428 a day
  • £3,309 an hour
  • £55 a minute
  • 92p per second
  • Or, if Real Madrid play two games in a week : £51.48 per second on the pitch.
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