Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Uncle dirty has a BIG secret!!!

Yup I really mean it....he has a HUGE errmmm i mean BIG..and it is really BIG. It is BIGGER than you think. Probably the BIGGEST ever you ever seen for an old man. I'm sure he will beat you down!!

Say hello to Uncle Dirty..



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5 comments: said...

i have to agree with u huhuhu..

LeeJB said...

WOW! Great uncle that he have there. LOL.

LAi said...

i've told you guys..he is the MASTER of SECRET....hahaha

if i can him

Etavasi said...

wow nice uncle :) hehehe

Etavasi with
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misslamau said...

blog concept.
inda berapa paham actually blog tu, cause sia geli tinguk gbr2 dia...hahahahah:P