Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Howto adjust your picture color tone in second

Ok...before this i've posted my picture. So today i'm gonna post my tutorial on how to make your picture nice and memorable just like me.. *perasantut*

Tutorial begin....... :p

1- You have to download the Dynamic Photo HDR software that i've uploaded. After you have download it, you can install it..don't just sit and for it to install itself..ekekeke

2- Secondly, you must have A picture. If not, you have to take somebody else picture to do this tutorial. But it will not memorable for you sudah... :P ok..ok...after you find A picture, i recomend you to copy it in a separate folder*makes u easier to find it later*.

3- after u've copied it into a folder, now make it 3 copies of the SAME picture..example pic1.jpg,pic2.jpg,pic3.jpg...ok...understand?? *if not you can leave a comment later*

4- open the Dynamic Photo HDR software that u've install before.

5- Click File>Create new HDRI image>Add Images. *when u want to add images,select your folder that contains 3 copies of the SAME picture aa!! SELECT ALL 3 IMAGES*

6- Next, set your pictures EXPOSURE. Just set your pic1.jpg (+2EV), pic2.jpg(-2EV), pic3.jpg(+0EV). *see my pic below*

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-click to enlarge-

7- Then the software will align your 3 picture automatically. You just sit and when it finish aligning just click OK. *you also can align it yourself. You can see the 'QUICK HELP' on the rightside.

8- Then click the Tone Map HDR File on the right side.

9- This is the best part.. as you can see on the Tone Mapping windows, there are few settings such as Method, Settings, Filter, Curves, Color Equalizer, Hue Shift, Add Clarify, De-haze. Now you can just play around with this settings based on your picture.


  • If you wanna cancel the setting, you can click the 'R' button.You can see 5 'R' button there.
  • As for me, i'm just using the Ultra-Contrast method + tick add clarify + tick de-haze + adjust the right setting for my pictures in Settings. Usually i don't need to adjust the Curves, Color Equalizer, Hue Shift and Filter.

That's all......start playing with this softwares and happy editing!!!! Post your work output and link it here...ok. can check my other pictures here - MY FLICKR -


Anonymous said...

Btw, where can I download the HDR software you uploaded which mentioned in your blog?


LAi said...

if you read my can find the link on step number 1....thank you