Thursday, August 23, 2007

Windows Utilities Replacements


Some of us must be not satisfied with the software that comes with Windows. Maybe they are looking for something new. Or maybe they are expecting something that more faster, built-in with more other functions....

Then for those who thought like above....maybe you should look for this Windows Utilities replacements......

  1. Built In : Notepad > Replace With : Notepad++
  2. Built In : Windows Explorer > Replace With : Xplorer2
  3. Built In : Paint > Replace With : Paint.NET
  4. Built In : Alt+Tab > Replace With : Alt+Tab Power Toy
  5. Built In : Taskbar date and time > Replace With : QuickMonth
  6. Built In : Add/Remove Programs (in Control Panel) > Replace With : Revo Uninstaller or My Uninstaller or Absolute Uninstaller

Source : Lifehacker

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