Tuesday, July 03, 2007

List of startpages for you

Do you use startpage as your default homepage for your browser?? I do. Why? Coz it makes me easier to see all new post of my favourites blogs in just one windows. I'll click through the links if it is interesting. I've tried many of this startpages thingy..hehe I like to try people's invention..But now, i'm using netvibes.

Ok..i'll just gave the list here :

  1. Netvibes *currently using this
  2. Pageflakes *once tried this
  3. iGoogle
  4. MyYahoo
  5. yourminis
  6. WebWag
  7. Schmedley
  8. eskobo
  9. Windows Live
  10. Favoor
  11. Gritwire
  12. Inbox
  13. Protopage *i like this one.
  14. It’sAStart

For the reviews, visit mashable.com.

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