Thursday, June 14, 2007

Test HDR : Is it raining today??

*click for larger view

Date taken : 12 June 2007
Time : around 5pm++
Camera : Sony DSC-W70
Place : from my hostel window
Source : Exposure blending tutorial *check my previous post

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Gallivanter said...

Is that HDR? How many different shots did you take on that angle?

LAi said...

hi gallivanter...

erm...i think this is not fully HDR. But it just 'like' HDR. I just take 5 shots for this picture. Not using DSLR..using my Sony DSC-W70+no tripod :( (i've croped the picture. That's why the picture is not very sharp..

if you want to see the real you can see the tutorial above..just follow the 'Exposure blending tutorial'..

if you want to see other HDR, you can go to Flickr then type 'HDR'..