Friday, June 22, 2007

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Technorati Tags: , , , , updates for a few days. Sorry, i've have to entertain my parents. They come to KL last Friday, went to my brother's awards day/convocation at Lembah Beringin on Saturday. Damn..that place is so boring. No buses..or taxis!!! Sunday went to KL > Pertama Complex, Sogo, Masjid India, that Jalan TAR la semua...then i tell the summary below..

  1. Sunday -
    • Evening - i went back to Batu Pahat.
  2. Monday -
    • Parents+My Brothers went again to Jalan TAR..masjid india,sogo..bla..bla.
    • they arrived at Bt Pahat in the evening. Check in then went to Ayer Hitam..i drive.
  3. Tuesday -
    • They cancel the early planning(i take them to JB)
    • They said they want to go back to KL..belum puas after finished my class i meet them at Bt Pahat...
    • Bus to KL at 5pm...
  4. Wednesday -
    • Finished my class then went to buy some kerepek for my parents.
    • 3pm my bus to Brothers going back to Lembah Beringin.
    • Arrived at KL..stayed in Katari Hotel just besides the Puduraya Bus Station...its was perfect hotel for 3 of us..hehe *they have jalan2 to Masjid India *again* then borong some kain..that 'kain banjir' kena lelong murah2..
    • Went to my older brother's friend's house(..aiyyo..2 astrophe o..buli ka? antam ja). Take my parents big some Char Kuew Tiau..deliciousss!!
    • finished eating..he bring us(me+parents) to Eye on production crew shooting there..huhu but i didnt recognize la sepa tu perempuan yg kena shoot...sorii la.hehe
    • After take a few snaps...we went to hotel..tidak naik that 'big wheel' since my mother scared of height..hehe
    • midnight - my schoolmate bring me pusing2 KL..just back to hotel aroung 4am....huhu
  5. Thursday -
    • early in the morning after finished the free breakfast, my parents went to Masjid India *again!!!* to buy another kain....wahhh!!
    • it just cost RM30 for 4 kain(sepasang)...1 pasang/pair just around RM7++..if got personal jet..maybe they'll buy all the kain then sell it at tamu in Sabah..hahaha
    • They check in from KL Sentral and take KLIA Express to KLIA...i went to Low Yat to buy my notebook's hardisk..bought 80GB HD...
    • went back to Puduraya...take off with Transnasional bus to Bt Pahat at 4pm...arrive around 7pm.

Summary : My parents come here with just my big POLO bag..but they bring back to Sabah about 4 BiG bags!!! half of it were kain lelong!!!!! yay....

later i'll post some to rest now. to tired...

p/s: i think you guys should use this Windows Live Writer...especially who is using just to cool for Blogger..


TheWanderingSumandak...... said...'s been an eon since the last time I jalan2 di Masjid India. *lol*

LAi said...

hehe..mmg la klu teda benda mau buat..heheh..

bah nti sy turun kl la paksa ko p sana..hehehe

Ratu Syura said...

Ok, I'm lost.. Windows Live Writer??

Btw, baru aku tau sepa this LAi guy... :P