Wednesday, May 30, 2007 Review

My God...why i'm so busy with this student stuffs???is it too late for me?? i got my time back to write review on I think most of Malaysian bloggers now have joined this money-making programme.

So..what is is one of our local advertisement company that allows you to make some RINGGITSS with just puttinga their Ad codes into your blogs. Some of the bloggers out there have made hundreds of Ringgit Malaysia with this advertorial programme. One of them > said that are 31 times better than Nuffnang!!

How work? As far as i read from the and other blogs such as, this programme will choose the suitable advertisers that will match your audience. In other words, they just show the right Ads for your visitors. All the ads are relevant to your blog readers.

Some of the pages show on picture to enlarge):

There you are..very easy to earn some cash right?? just sign up an account on and you can make some cash. For more information, visit

"Malaysia Boleh! Majulah Bloggers Untuk Negara!"

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