Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Adsense Sandbox 1.0 - Online Preview Tool

This sure is the nice thing for all adsense publishers.
Google Adsense Preview Tool will display sample Google ads, based on standard AdSense targeting and filtering. Unlike the Official Adsense Preview Tool add-on that works only with IE browser, this online Adsense Preview Tool works across all web browsers including IE, Firefox, Opera or Safari.
and the owner(Digital Inspiration) wrote :
Unlike the official Google Adsense Preview tool which is only available as an IE add-on, the Adsense Sandbox works across all browsers and supports all Google ad formats including Adlinks and Rich Media Google Ads (Images, Video or Flash).

The tool can also help you determine what kind of Google Ads are being served on your web pages for visitors who are coming from other countries like China, Brazil or Japan.

Since the Adsense Sandbox tool uses random Adsense Publisher IDs, advertisers are not charged by Google for ad impressions or ad-clicks generated though this tool.
Links :
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