Monday, March 05, 2007

HowTo bypass Windows Genuine the easiest way

I just downloaded the file this evening. Now i'm sharing it with you guys. After this simple process, you can download software from Microsoft web such as Windows Media Player 11 or IE7 then install it to your computer just like the other genuine windows users did.

This picture shows my genuine validation before the 'bypassing' process.

and the picture below shows that my Windows is genuine copy after the process

Firstly, you must download this file Windows Genuine Crack

after you finish download, unzip it then click the registry file(file.reg). Now your windows copy is genuine. Just like that???..yup, just like can use the tools inside to verify if your windows copy is genuine or not.

erm..FYI, you must click this file.reg after you shutdown you pc. Because after restarting your pc, it came back to normal pirated if you want to bypass the genuine validation, u must click the file again. Try it...good luck!!

p/s: i've install WMP11 and ie7 in my laptop...hehe my windows copy is genuine one la...hehe

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