Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tammy NYP still hot on the net!

Still remember Tammy NYP?? Have anyone forgot her?? Back on February 2006 she make a big bang on the net with her videos. Now she's hot again in technorati. A little bit introduction about Tammy.

The Tammy sex video scandal was a scandal in Singapore involving a sex video first circulated in mid-February 2006 that turned into an Internet phenomenon. The incident began when a cheerleader student from Nanyang Polytechnic, known only as Tammy, apparently had her mobile phone stolen by an enemy, and a 10-minute video stored in her mobile phone involving oral sex and intercourse with her boyfriend was uploaded on the Internet.
Now you guys remember??? If still not...then u should read this :

if u still in the dark...just cut your balls!!!(if u have wan la...). By the way, now she begin her ordinary life and opened a blog!!!

YES thats rite!!!!


here is the link to her blog.

Opened on April 2006 (info from her archive), the first entry was :

Yeah!!!! I’m back with a totally new blog! YuhOoOoo!!! Guess how long i took to complete this blog?? Hee… Only 3 hours! From 9 hours to 3 hours! Can’t believe it right?? I know i’m a genius.. only my second time doing this and i improved by 6 hours!

PLEASE DO NOT LINK ME!!!! The reason that i closed down my previous blog is due to “you know what la”. Stupid people see my blog then start giving stupid comment. Haiz… Hope it doesnt happen again. If not i need to spend hours creating blog again!

yes...she is genius?? Ya meh?? She used 3 hours to complete the blog from blogger..what the h*ll she was doing in 3 hours?? or maybe she takes time to think what her blog's name...hehe
it just takes a few minutes to create 1 blog from blogger.com.

Anyway, this is her. Tammy...eh Tammi (she mention her spelling in her blog) the girl from NYP that makes people or should i say boys hunt for her videos. Now she is a new person...maybe?

Her pic >>

cute leh.....i forgot about her past now!! (* - ^ )

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