Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My new stuffs!!

I have new stuff..i mean stuffs. First, this Sony DSC-W70, i bought it for RM1,199+2GB memory!! Its original price was RM1,299 without memory card..i can't refuse to buy this camera because the promotion was too good to 'not buy'!! I just planning to buy Nikon S9+1GB. It cost about RM988. But when i went to Berjaya+Low Yat on 20/1/07, i found this promotion for Sony DSC-w70 at Berjaya Times Square. Finally i bought it la...hehe. Secondly, i have new shoe. lol....But i'm too lazy to put the picture here..hehe. After years wearing my torn Adidas..finally i've replaced it with Nike which that is my 1st Nike footwear..i've been loyal to Adidas for yearsss...Em..apa lagi a..i just want to put some entry to my blog..hehe.. Oh ya...another thing that i replaced after using it for 5++ yrs is my handphone..i just bought Nokia 1110i. Just RM150..for calls+msg only la. I've my new camera to take some pictures..so just buy the cheaper one la...hehe Now i no need to say "Bat mati!mati!!.." when someone call me especially my gf.
This 24/02...my friend invited me to join them for a one day trip to Singapore..Bila lagi mo bejalan2 kan...selagi ada orang organize...ikut saja la..hehe.

So..wait for my picture la...ok la..see you laterr...

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