Monday, October 09, 2006

Color Palette Generator

This is just bookmarking fo me. It is usefull if u want to know the color in some pictures.

Link : Color Palette Generator

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avila said...

i viewed you flicker...some of the photos seems to attract me. Where is this place Nunuk Ragang Culture?

LAi said...

erm...oo u r the girl from that blog rite?? hehe ok..back to ur question...

Nunuk Ragang situated between Ranau - Sandakan...but there's nothing there if you go not during the festival...i forgot la bila tu festival dia sana...sori..

maybe it takes about 1 1/2 hours from ranau to get there....u can see the building far from the road...if you want to go, you can go this disember...i can take u there..hehe FYI, i'm from ranau....

p/s:i just kidding that i can take u...hehe but if u ask, i'll go.. :p BTW..u can used that shout box..hehe