Monday, September 25, 2006

This Week Round Up!

This week round up.i'll have to do it like this coz there were a lot of stuff i want to share but i'm to i copied this style from (you can see the web on this blog sidebar). ok here we go.....

1st - Theres something that you might interested with your feeds. Now you can read them with Grazr or TheSpringBox widget. You also can put this two things on your blog. Between this two stuff here i rather choose Grazr. Why?? coz i think it looks cool...hehe

2nd - Next, The Pregnant Mr Lee. Oh man..this thing is really make me sick when i'm visualize how the hell he is going to give birth to that baby..poor baby!! See his link >> The First Male Pregnancy

3rd - Anyone like PC games?? Here some goodies for you guys >> 100% Free PC games

4th - Do you see that flashy thing on my blogs' sidebar?? that you feel you want one for you blog? Read the tutorial "how to create a thumbnail blogroll".very easy !! Or you can just creat your account now at now!!

lastly, to all muslim.....happy fasting!!

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