Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Siti Nurhaliza's Wedding videos

videos of Siti Nurhaliza's Wedding :

more videos of Siti Nurhaliza's Wedding here

Via MrBadak.com

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ramzwatcher said...

sorry, cant see anything here

hanny_bunny said...

yer laaa cant see anything

LAi said...

i'm sorry for u.

erm...but i can't find the problems..coz i've checked my blog and this posting, there's no mistake or any problems..i've tested it in Firefox+IE...the video appear!

solution :

- if your viewing this blog from your office or your work place..maybe the network admin block some script e.g. at my place the network admin blocked this youtube.com and any videos from youtube.com..so if this happened to you...you can't watch the videos..
but there's another solution. Use this free proxy service to bypass your network >> http://msnvip.com/