Tuesday, August 29, 2006

25 things before buying digital camera!

The 25 things you must know before buying digital camera :
  1. Set a Budget Before Buying
  2. Ignore Digital Zoom
  3. Two Considerations when Buying a New Camera
  4. Small Doesn’t Mean Underpowered
  5. Be Careful When Buying Package Deals
  6. Check What the Zoom Really Means
  7. Get a Camera with Magnified Photo Previews
  8. Is There a Built-In Microphone?
  9. Effective Pixels and Foveon X3
  10. Don’t Expect a Camera to Come with Enough Media
read 15 more tips via camera2photo.com

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camera guy said...

the original article is at http://malektips.com/buying_a_digital_camera_help_and_tips.html and they got 35 tips plus more on batteries accessories and memory

LAi said...

thanks camera guy!