Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What makes Zidane attacked Materazzi ?

What do you think?? I still want to know what Materazzi said to Zizou.....Here what some said about it:

{ A lip-reader told The Sun that Materazzi called Zidane a "son of a terrorist whore" }
{ The clash that ended Zidane's glittering career in disgrace came after Materazzi tweaked his NIPPLE. }
* just like i told my friend

Top lip-reader Marianne Frere revealed the
Italian told Zidane - who understands the  language after playing for
Juventus - a high ball was "not for feccia like you".

Feccia is an Italian insult meaning scum or shit.

next, just read this  Zidane saw red after sick mother taunts

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pinolobu said...

another one said MM told ZZ that his sister's a prostitute.

But to me, Zidane's been playing professionally since he's 16 years old, he's been at it for 18 years - he must have heard EVERY insult on offer.

So it must be something else, something really bad - and that sickly mother taunt might just be it.

LAi said...

thats rite...

he is a pro...then materazzi must have said somtehing very personal to him....

Zizou is always a great player...