Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Fast & The Furious : Tokyo Drift

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Nah...why i place this big poster here?? Because i've just watch this movie with my friends. I know that you knew all about this movie...so watch it!!!!! I'm so excited when they starting to race..oh man!!

My fav character was Han. He was soooo cooooool...that the key...C.O.O.L bebeh..

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and again..a big picture of Han...i'm not sooo attracted to the hero+heroin...but one the japanese girl (you can see she always with Han's group..if you watch the movie la..) was soo cute..i wish..........with her.argghh....what are you thinking?? oooOOooO...you aaa

No need to write to much..i just love the driftssssss.....huh. So, stand up and go buy pirate DVD then watch it....nah...go to cinema,worth your money..

oh...i've full album of this movie soundtrack which i've downloaded from the net...haha so fast rite??
take this bonus :

*upload on 19 June '06, 11:40 pm

thats all folks.

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1 comment:

Pai said...

wohooo! i like Han too! thats what i call COOL!
siok2 jak dia bagi Evo8.. dang!