Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Selamat Hari Kaamatan 2006 !!

To all Sabahan especially those who celebrate this festival...i wish u..

"Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan"
*betul ka?correct me if wrong..hehe

For sure i'll not feelin' soooo excited....coz i'm away from my state...huhu :( very sad..i can't go to KDCA  on the 31 May 2006. If u go there, i'm sure u'll see many cute girls.. *wink *wink =) i don't know where the girls hiding before and after 31 May every year...hehe. Besides that, it is a colourful day with people with their traditional costumes...such a perfect day to bring a camera and take their costumes (+ all the cute girls..hehe). Just make sure u bring enough film/bigger memory card and also batteries+mineral waterSS...take their pictures and bring them to your fantasies...hahaha..
ehem..ok that's enuf...

Second para.......hehe..the theme for this year are :

in Bahasa Melayu :
"Bersama Menghasilkan Kejayaan"

in KadazanDusun :
"Mitatabang Mongomot Kovosian"

in English :
"Together Toward a Good Harvest"

*via KDCA

Next..erm..about the Malaysia Tadau Kaamatan Open House 2006, if anyone interested to eat free...just find ur information here > OPEN HOUSE.

And the last part, and this is the climax for this festival..dats the UNDUK NGADAU KAAMATAN 2006 - The Final Stage. U can see their picture here Unduk Ngadau 2006 via jasonjay. U also can see the previous winners in the blog. Erm...i've been thinking...what do they look now??hehe...
So...good luck to all Unduk Ngadau+s....you all are already UNDUK NGADAU+s...

p/s :  too many cute girls nowadays....huh!!

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